About J.D. Antell

"What I want for myself, I want for everybody."
—Samuel Jones, Mayor of Toledo (1897-1904)

J.D. Antell, Author of The Dog Walker's Startup Guide Dog walking pioneer, J.D. Antell, owned and operated one of the north shore's most successful dog walking business for over seven years. He is the founder of DogZanny.com, a comprehensive online resource devoted to helping professional dog walkers and businesses owners get started and operate successfully. He is an honors graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS in Film & Television production. He spent his early career producing and directing award-winning national TV commercials, shows, and videos in the Denver area before returning to New England.

J.D. began his interest in canine life at a very early age, having had dogs since his arrival in this world. His interest later manifesting into creative pursuits along that theme with an independent short 16mm film about wolves entitled, A Silence in The Woods (1993). During the filming of that short, J.D. worked with a socialized wolf pack in upper-state New York. His experience working with wolves taught him an appreciation for the unequivocal, and in so doing a keen insight into the modern dog though this introduction to its forefathers. J.D. said of his initial experience:

Their communication is intense and constant, there is a lot going on, and you really need to stay focused and aware of the signals (the language). If you lose focus you can wind up making a mistake, and that mistake can be costly. I was “disciplined” by the alpha female, I still have a scar to remind me, but she warned me several times—I should have heeded the warning.” —J.D. Antell

Eventually, after working in the film and TV industry for ten years, J.D. returned to his original calling and started a dog walking business on the North Shore of Massachusetts. While a dog walker, he began to learn more about dog behavior and training techniques, both modern and traditional. Having had a great deal of experience working with hundreds of different breeds and personalities J.D. developed an ability to communicate, and better understand, the language of dogs.

During that time both he and his wife, Eileen, immersed themselves in the business, learning valuable lessons along the way. They eventually expanded to offer dog training services after years of working with dogs and training their own German Shepherds.

J.D. spends his spare time sailing and boating or volunteering with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Currently he is working on three new writing projects and consulting dog walking business owners nationwide. He has the good fortune to live by the sea in Maine.

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