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Planning Your Vacation and Maintaining Your Client-Base

Mar 26 2010 Published by under Business

It might seem a bit premature to be thinking about vacation already, especially if you only just started your business, but now is the time to be thinking about it. Do you have someone to fill in for you while you’re away? If not, it’s time to start looking. I can tell you from experience when you leave your clients to their own devices, you’ll be missing a few when you return with that tan! Sure, some clients are loyal to a fault, but most will not hesitate to hire the next guy or gal that offers them a little more for their money. Especially in this economy, with price-cutting becoming the de facto modus operandi for culling new business.

You just can’t afford to let your clients wander. You’ve been warned, it’s time to find some back-up and get that vacation time planned now.

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Freedom of Information or not?

Mar 09 2010 Published by under Business, Marketing

Folks have been reporting mixed success when requesting the list of licensed dog owners from their city/town. It seems to be a growing problem. I found this story recently regarding a dog walker who is requesting this list and encountering resistance. Check it out.

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