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Just did an interview for RedBook Magazine

I love talking about dogs and dog walking. What a night & day difference from my old career. When you’re doing something you love it’s not work anymore, it’s fun! The article is to be about career ideas for stay-at-home moms. I’m looking forward to seeing it in print.

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Iditarod 2011, The Race is On!

Mar 09 2011 Published by under Fun, Health, Out-of-bounds

Nearly 40 years since the race was first conceived and run in 1973, the best of the best have sought to test themselves and their dogs against each other and some of the worst weather on the planet.

This isn’t for wussies.

The race has officially started (the ceremonial start took place in Anchorage). But the race actually began in Willow, Alaska about 75 miles outside of Anchorage. Its course runs through some of the most wild and rugged territory on earth, testing the limits of endurance, courage, and above all, teamwork.

But this team is unlike any other team, in any official sport or business, anywhere on the globe. This team challenges the bond between human and canine. It puts to the test the abilities of both species in ways no other contest ever conceived has, or likely will. Yes, there are many professional human/canine partnerships. Police, military, and herding dogs come to mind, but none that require the kind of social adeptness that is required of a winning Iditarod team.

There must be an indescribable feeling of oneness, or perhaps belonging, in that bond, in that race, as one tears down the trail into the wild. There is a real connection to the wild, (there are no ivory towers here) to our not so ancient past—a gene that must get activated in this pursuit. For the men and women who race the Iditarod, and the dogs who take them to the finish line, this must be a singularly indescribable experience.

Enjoy the thrill of the race, even if you can’t be there in person by checking the official Iditarod website and follow the highs and lows, and the thrill of the race through a mixture of blog posts, GPS tracking, and video footage.

Yahoooooo! Mush!

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Origins of the word ‘dog’

Mar 01 2011 Published by under Fun

The origins of the word ‘dog’ are mysteriously absent from etymological research. From the research I have conducted in preparing this post, the earliest mention of the word was made in a text from around 1050 during the late Old English period and translates to Canis, the Latin word for dog. The exact usage being “canum docgena,” according to

It seems the word has no root in other languages and seems to have sprung into existence, perhaps during this period. Prior to this usage our furry friends were referred to as a ‘hund’ or ‘hound’ as it is said today. Other languages have cognates of the word ‘dog’ but these are descended from the Old English, thus making the Old English usage the first recorded appearance of the word.

The use of the word did not overtake the native word ‘hund’ until the 16th century. The curious among us have always noted that dog spelled backwards is ‘god’ and this word-play has been affixed to more than a few bumpers, and even is the slogan for the popular canine lifestyle magazine, The Bark.

Slogans, sayings, and the like that reference dogs did not begin in our lifetimes however. Phases like, “let sleeping dogs lie” and “go to the dogs” appeared in texts dating from the mid 1500s.

The word dog, is as enjoyable to write, as it is to read. Its shape is balanced with the rising line from the ‘d’ counterbalanced by the hanging ‘g’ tied together by the full and round ‘o’.

Cat is nice, but nowhere near as wonderful as dog.

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