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How to Keep Warm Walking Dogs and Other Issues Like Seasonal Affective Disorder

Feb 02 2011 Published by under Health, Positive Thinking, Research

While the upper Midwest and the Northeast is being battered by one soul-crushing snow storm after another I am given to wonder how other professional dog walkers in the northern climes are dealing with the cold and the snow.

Please take a moment and consider contributing your secrets to keeping your sanity sanguine and your fingers from freezing off. How are you dealing with getting into and out of your clients unploughed driveways? How are you dealing with the little dogs and unploughed sidewalks?

What gear are you using? What do you recommend and why?

Finally, does anyone suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and do you find that being outdoors for much of the day helps your condition?

Please feel free to post your comments below!

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Oh, those NYC Dog Walkers!

Jan 06 2011 Published by under Dog Training, My Books, Research

Dogs, poop, and busy-bodies… Eileen and I will be heading to NYC for a weekend of fur-filled research. We’ll be interviewing dog owners and dog walkers in the Big Apple for an upcoming book. We are expecting some lively discussions!

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