Dogwalker not guilty in dog pooper scooper trial

Nov 28 2011 Published by under Safety

Dogwalker not guilty in dog pooper scooper trial. What will they think of next? Seriously, don’t people, and courts have better things to do than police poop? Neighbors getting even by reporting each other to the poop police. Someone get me a pain killer…

This is why I devoted a section of my book to this subject. It’s even worse for professional dog-walkers. You wouldn’t believe the type of people who somehow want to “get even” with you for the fact that you have such a good job. They just resent the heck out of it and will report you faster than a substitute teacher. Even if the dog I’m walking has already pooped three times and squats one last time to drop a couple of Hershy’s kisses, I always pretend to lean down and “pick it up”. Otherwise you’ll have one of these busy-bodies harassing you all the way down the street, if not the poop police paying you a visit. Until people start to wise up and realize there are far more important things to worry about than hawking for your neighbors, things will only get worse.

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