The Dog Walker's Companion (DVD)

DVD imageThis DVD has all the goodies you could want. From a 20 minute full client interview conducted by J.D. Antell, to a dog walker's basic obedience training workshop that covers the most important verbal cues for dog walkers. The DVD is also packed with bonus material such as business forms, agreements, letters, sample advertisements and more! The Dog Walker's Companion complements The Dog Walker's Startup Guide and gives you the full advantage when starting your own dog walking business.

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Work faster and smarter:

  • Forms use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat to give you the most flexibility (Mac and PC compatible)

  • Video is high quality DV and professionally edited

  • 20 minute video shows you how to conduct your first client interview

  • Basic obedience workshop covers sit, down, sit/down stay, controlling jumping up behavior, and most important, leash manners

  • Forms such as: client agreement, call sheet, client information form, letters to neighbors and police, telemarketing script, mass mail letter, press release, example advertisements and more.

For a list of dog sitting forms contained on the DVD see our features checklist.


The Dog Walker's Companion (DVD) prepares you...

  1. client interviewFor the client interview:
    Meeting prospective clients and their dogs for the first time is perhaps the most important part of gaining a new client! However, it's not as easy as you may think. The book gives you all the tools and information you'll need to succeed. The DVD takes that information and puts it into practice in a real-world simulation of what I do at client interviews. This 20 minute simulation will give you an excellent idea of what to expect and prepare for on your first interview!

  2. working with dogsFor working with dogs:
    Learn tried and true training techniques that every dog walker should know! From the basics (sit, down, stay) to more advanced behavior modification techniques for dealing with leash pulling and jumping up on people. The techniques are non-coercive and dog friendly! Your clients will be thanking you for the pleasure of living with such a well-mannered dog.

  3. By giving you bonus materials & examples:
    The DVD is packed with goodies, from example dog walking business forms, letters, press release, welcome packet material, service agreement and sample advertisements.


Sample video clip

talking with owners

Training workshop

talking with clients

Client interview


"Your kit thus far, has me both fired up and my head spinning."

—Vanna C.


"Thanks for taking the time to put together such a comprehensive model for what I'm expecting to be a very rewarding life-style."

—Phil Byra
Executive Pet Care of Windham


"I'm very excited because in my area, there are pet sitting businesses, but no businesses directly focusing on dog walking. So hopefully I will have a little niche. Your information has been great, and I am taking it a step at a time. I am looking to make the business legal and licensed first (while still working my full time 3rd shift job-my version of a dark room!) and then leave my job entirely when establishing the website and beginning advertising."

—Matthew Mulchi


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