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I'm having problems watching my DVD on my computer, it won't play.

Be sure you are using a DVD-ROM drive. CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives look the same but only a DVD drive can play DVDs. This is the most common reason why people are unable to view a DVD on their computer. If you do have a DVD drive be sure you software drivers are up to date. If you are able to watch the DVD on your TV with your regular video DVD player but cannot play it on your computer it is very likely that you don't have a DVD player in your computer.

We are unable to access bonus material from the DVD. We have Adobe Reader and also a working DVD drive. Client interview and obedience training portions are working fine. Please advise?

If you are using a Windows system you would click start, then open "My Computer" once open then "right click" on your DVD drive and select "explore" then a window should open with these files inside:

Bonus Material

Double click "Bonus Material" and you should get a folder with all the PDF files inside. On a Macintosh you should access the drive by a similar method so that you can see the files rather than "playing" the DVD.

What happens is: some computer systems correctly interpret the DVD as a video DVD and automatically launch the DVD player software built into the Operating System, in which case you aren't actually "exploring" the files on the DVD, you are playing the DVD in much the same way as you would on a normal DVD player hooked up to your TV.

You need to close the DVD player software and open the file explorer to browse the actual files and folders on the DVD disk.

I'm having problems watching my DVD in my video DVD player hooked up to my TV, what's wrong?

Check the DVD for scratches and/or dirt and grime. Clean the DVD carefully with a clean soft cloth and try playing it again. If it still won't play we suggest trying to play it in another DVD player (friends or family) as your DVD player may be the cause of the problem. We have engineered the DVD to be compatible with as many DVD players and manufacturers as possible. Though rare, it is possible that your DVD player may not play this DVD, particularly if your player is over 8 years old.

I've found the Bonus Forms on my DVD but I can't open them or see them, what program do I need to be able to see the files?

You will need Adobe Reader which is a free program offered by Adobe. Many documents are being offered in Adobe PDF file format now. Visit to download and install.

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