Top 10 Reasons To Buy Our
Dog Walking Business Kit


  1. Comprehensive, Quality Information

    The Dog Walker's Startup Kit is loaded with valuable, actionable information, parsed out in bite size pieces. It was created by someone who actually started and ran a successful dog walking business for over 7 years. When we say that by the time you finish the last chapter (provided you're doing what's suggested in each step) you'll have your own dog walking business up and running, we mean it. Best of all the information is formatted in a linear, one-step-at-a-time format; making the whole undertaking far more enjoyable!

  2. Price

    Let's face it, one of the great things about starting this business are its low initial costs. Why then would anyone consider paying thousands of dollars to be taught how to walk dogs—is beyond us. If you have ever walked a dog, you know how absurd this concept is. Our kit provides all the necessary information, along with practical demonstrations for you to get your business off the ground quickly and effectively. We think it's the absolute highest quality information out there, and we hope you'll agree.

  3. Customer Support

    As a publishing company, we keep regular business hours Monday - Friday. If you need help, we are an email away.

  4. 100% Money Back Guarantee

    We stand behind our products with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you're unsatisfied for any reason you can return your kit for a full refund, no questions asked.

  5. Extensive Resources

    When J.D. Antell wrote The Dog Walker's Startup Guide, he envisioned a new way of authoring a how-to book. His concept included an ongoing dialogue with his readers in the form of a companion website. When you purchase the kit you also gain the advantage of direct support and interaction with J.D. Antell and the wider community of professional dog walkers who have used J.D.'s system. is the realization of that concept. You will find it to be packed with information and resources to help you not just start, but run your business. Best of all, the resources provided on the website will never become stale or outdated. Take a look around!

  6. Professionally Created

    The Dog Walker's Startup Kit wasn't slapped together in a word processor, rendered as a PDF, and then marketed as an ebook. It's a real, published, book. It has undergone an extensive editorial process which means that you as the reader don't have to be insulted by simple grammatical errors, typos, and poor syntax. The video was created by J.D. (who was a professional producer and video editor before he became a dog walker). It has been peer reviewed and mentioned in various well known dog-related periodicals.

  7. Professionally Recognized and Reviewed

    As stated in number six, above, The Dog Walker's Startup Guide was sent out to many dog-themed periodicals and the responses have been great. We've enjoyed mentions in some of the biggest dog enthusiast magazines in the USA!

  8. The Step-by-Step Approach

    Rather than simply providing "information" on how to start a dog walking or pet sitting business, The Dog Walker's Startup Kit provides an efficient, action-oriented and structured step-by-step learning program—making the startup process easy, fun and productive. Following most chapters is an "action list" which distills the information provided into a series of "actions" which is essentially a to-do list that removes the inertia-trap of "what should I do first?" Add to that the practical information from the DVD (video, forms, examples) and you have a winning, self-taught combination!

  9. Integrated Business Support

    A Professional Dog Walker's Support Forum, J.D.'s Blog, and an email news letter will keep you up to date and provide fresh ideas to help grow your business.

  10. Fast Order Processing

    We usually ship same-day if your order is received by 3pm ET Monday-Friday. How's that for fast?

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